xInterop C++ .NET Bridge 4.0 is available now

We are pleased to announce the release of xInterop C++ .NET Bridge version 4.0, a code generator for creating two-ways bridges between C++ native world and .NET world. Visual Studio 2017 is now supported.

xInterop C++ .NET Bridge version 4.0 is available to the public for free trial and evaluation to anyone who is interested in using xInterop C++ .NET Bridge to call native C++ DLLs from .NET or call .NET assemblies from native C++.

.NET to Native C++ Bridge

Native C++ to .NET Bridge

Generate C# .NET wrappers or bridges for any native C++ DLLs so that you can call the native C++ DLL from .NET. 

Generate C++ native DLL bridges for .NET assemblies so that you can call any .NET assemblies from native C++.

You are more than welcome to download the latest version from the link below and start trying it, evaluating it and experiencing how powerful xInterop C++ .NET Bridge is. Once you start using xInterop C++ .NET Bridge, you will find that it is so easy to bridge between the C++ native world to C# .NET managed world by using xInterop C++ .NET Bridge. You will be able to try and evaluate the software for free for 30 days. Basic technical support is also available for free of charge during your trial period, you are more than welcome to contact us for help if you are running into any issues during your evaluation period.

To anyone who is interested in purchasing xInterop C++ .NET Bridge, the licensing model and pricing is available to you upon request. If you have any questions regarding xInterop C++ .NET Bridge software, licensing and pricing, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us Page.

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